Feel Good Friday #26

I wasn't going to publish a Feel Good Friday post this week because I shared one last Friday, but as soon as I read about this little dude earlier this week, I knew I had to tell you all about him. 

It's also World Kindness Day today, so it seemed particularly fitting to publish a little positive post.

This is Albert. He's a rescue dog who lives in Fairfield in Connecticut as part of a pack of three rescue pups. 



As you will have noticed, he also has a wheelchair. But don't think for a second that holds him back - he's such a happy, energetic dog, he definitely gives his pack mates a run for their money! You can see Albert doing his thing in the videos his mum uploads to Instagram. He's a bit of a beach baby and loves sprints along the beach and getting his paws wet.  

This is a bit of an unusual Feel Good Friday because there isn't any 'story' as such, but I follow Albert on Instagram and I genuinely smile so hard every time I see a new photograph or video of Albert and his family hanging out.



As if the posts aren't already awesome enough, Albert's mum often shares them with hashtags such as '#whyweadopt', '#adoptdontshop' and '#whatdisability'. I stand by these messages 100%, so it's hard not to feel a little emotional when I see Albert charging along the beach with these hashtags underneath.

It's obviously still a bit of unusual to see an animal with a wheelchair (I've still never seen one 'in real life'), so I love that there are companies who specialise in creating custom wheelchairs for our four legged family members - and that Albert's mum didn't let his wheels put her off giving him a forever home. 

I hope reading about Albert put a smile on your face - and follow him on Instagram for guaranteed happy moments every day! Plus his best friends are pretty darn cute too.

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