Christmas highlights

Hands up who else is sad Christmas is over?!

After such a big build up (I may have started listening to Christmas songs in November...) it's hard not to feel a little flat now. Instead of wallowing in being blue and stuffing my face with handfuls of Celebrations, I thought I'd take a look back at what made December such a highlight of my year.

Disney wishlist

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I knew I had to finish my trio of gift guides with an ode to Disney, because, even though I'm terrible at choosing what I'd like for Christmas, I do really hope there's something Disney nestled under the tree for me on Christmas morning. While I'm likely to fall in love with most Disney merchandise, here's a little round up of some of my favourite items.

#Feel Good Friday 28

While we might endlessly moan about the weather in Scotland, I think we're all considering ourselves incredibly lucky after mostly dodging the devastation caused by Storm Desmond over the past fortnight. I've watched the news and read the tweets in horror as homes and business have been battered by howling winds and heavy rainfall since last weekend. That's why when I read this little story of bravery and compassion I couldn't help but smile.

Five easy ways to give back this Christmas

As we tiptoe closer to Christmas, it's easy to get caught up in the headache-inducing stress of high street shopping and the fun of festive dates with family and friends - but, I'm sure for most of us, thoughts will also turn to the people and animals who have less. While I might half-joke about the horror of department stores at lunch time, I know I'm really blooming lucky to be able to buy my mum a lovely present - and be with her to hand it over on Christmas Day. With this thankful feeling bubbling up inside, I wanted to share a handful of easy ways to give back over Christmas.

Favourite Christmas jumpers

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Hands up who else is excited that it's December?! I happily tore my advent calendar open this morning, counting down the days until I can put my out of office message on and succumb to a fortnight of eating chocolate and watching Elf over and over again. Even before I finish up for the holidays, I have a calendar stuffed to the seams with Christmas dates with family and friends - starting with a festive afternoon tea this Saturday with my mum and Sam's mum, and an 'alternative Christmas lunch' with my best friend on Sunday (i.e. eating pizza while watching Home Alone).

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While I might have ordered the perfect princess dress for my office Christmas party, I plan on spending most of the month in ridiculous jumpers. It's a bit of a cliché now but it really wouldn't feel like Christmas without a new novelty jumper to look silly in. I have a few in my wardrobe already (including a particularly garish, musical number from Primark) but that doesn't stop me from having my eye on this lot too...

Are you a fan of the humble Christmas jumper?
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