New vegan menu at Zizzi

As I mentioned when I took part in Veganuary earlier this year, it's frustrating how many vegetarian options when eating out are focused on cheese or eggs, taking them off the menu for vegans. It's also a little boring even if you're not vegan - macaroni cheese, again?! That's why I was so happy when I read that Zizzi have launched a new vegan menu, which includes a vegan mozzarella alternative, Mozzarisella - a first for any restaurant chain in the UK. If the menu hadn't already piqued my interest, the mouth-watering photographs of 'cheesy' pizza popping up on my social media definitely did - it's fair to say I was more than a little excited by the time I sat down in Zizzi last Friday! 

Fundraising for the Scottish SPCA

I decided to give up my long lie this Easter Sunday to fundraise for the Scottish SPCA at my local Pets at Home instead. The Scottish SPCA is a charity working to promote animal welfare in Scotland. They rescue animals in danger, find animals new homes, investigate abuse and prevent cruelty through their free Prevention through Education programme for Scottish schools. 

Despite the crucial work they do, the Scottish SPCA receive no government or lottery funding, which is why donations are vital. I donate to the charity through a monthly direct debit but I also like to volunteer when I can because I know their fundraising weekends are an essential way for them to receive an essential boost in donations. 

I have cared about and donated to the Scottish SPCA for years but I also rescued my cat, Sorcha, through their Hamilton centre at the end of last year, so I now have a particular soft spot for them! 

Deadly Diseases at The Edinburgh Dungeon

I'm a scaredy-cat. There, I said it. Whether it's riding a ghost train with my eyes closed or point blank refusing to go see a horror movie - I don't get a buzz from being scared, I just get scared. That's why I've never braved The Edinburgh Dungeon before. If you've ever walked the cobbled streets of Edinburgh on a misty night before then you'll know the city can be spookily atmospheric - the thought of then making my way underground into the belly of the city just seemed too terrifying to consider.

Until last Thursday night.

Vegan fairy cakes for Easter

After a disastrous attempt at making vegan 'Creme Egg' brownies (which melted into a soft, gooey - but still delicious - mess), I thought I'd have another go at making a vegan sweet treat perfect for Easter - and which is slightly more photogenic than my mushy brownies! 

By the way, if you would like to try a vegan 'Creme Egg', Considerit Chocolate sell them and they're delicious - just let me know if you successfully manage to make brownies with them! 

Save Our Sanctuary

Yesterday I popped by The Flying Duck's Big Vegan Fete and loaded up on more cake, doughnuts and creme eggs than I can feasibly eat (I'll give it a good try though). I also met Andrea McLoughlin, a volunteer who was selling handmade bracelets and fairy cakes to raise funds for C-A-L-F Sanctuary.

Alison explained that the tenancy for the sanctuary's premises will not be renewed this year, which means that the future of C-A-L-F Sanctuary - and all of the animals who call it home - is in jeopardy. With a £80,000 fundraising target needed to secure a deposit on a new permanent home for the sanctuary, the Lawdor family, who set up and run the sanctuary, and volunteers are working tirelessly to raise every penny needed before the end of March.

Feel Good Friday #35

When Joao Pereira de Souza, a retired bricklayer and part-time fisherman, found a tiny penguin covered in oil stranded on rocks near his home, he decided to help. He took the bird in and nursed him back to health. While it took a week just to clean the oil from his feathers, the penguin - who Joao named Dindim - slowly regained his strength on a careful diet of fish and TLC.

Once he was well again, Joao tried to release Dindim back into the sea - but his new friend didn't want to leave. 'He stayed with me for 11 months and then, just after he changed his coat with new feathers, he disappeared,' Joao says.

Joao didn't expect to see the little bird again.

Singl-end Cafe and Bakehouse

I really love cake. I mean, I really love it. Whether it's a soft and gooey chocolate brownie, a creamy Victoria sponge or a lemon tart with a zesty kick, I can't resist the lure of the cake trolley. I remember I used to genuinely think people had a separate stomach for dessert. I still sort of do believe that, actually. If you followed along with my Veganuary posts, then you'll know that finding vegan-friendly sweet treats was what I struggled with most - which is why I couldn't have discovered Singl-end Cafe and Bakehouse (and their mouth-watering - and vegan friendly! - cake table) at a better time.

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