Vegan Life

Despite being vegetarian for over fifteen years, I've never bought any vegetarian or vegan magazines. The food on the front covers always look incredible and I'll occasionally have a flick through if I've popped into WHSmith for something else, but I've never been interested enough to want to take one home. I think my lack of interest is because the magazines I've seen focus on recipes and I worry that I'll only want to try one or two, or that most will be chock-a-block full of ingredients which I've never heard of and definitely don't have at home - my recipe pet hate is having to buy a bunch of unusual ingredients for just a teaspoon here and a pinch there and then I never use any of them again!

So, even though I'm passionately interested in cruelty-free diets and lifestyles, I just assumed vegetarian and vegan magazines weren't for me - until I discovered Vegan Life.

Feel Good Friday #40

Courtney Speller is a nine year old girl from London with Cohen syndrome. This rare genetic disorder is characterised by weak muscle tone, abnormalities of the head, face, hands and feet, eye abnormalities and intellectual disability. Courtney is registered blind after losing 80% of her sight and a recent hospital appointment sadly confirmed her eyesight will deteriorate further until she has no vision at all.

Determined to create memories before Courtney completely loses her sight, her mum and dad, Mark and Angharad, raised donations through The Courtney Campaign to take the whole family to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Now, if you've ever been to Walt Disney World, you'll know the rides, shows, food and sunshine guarantee a trip of a lifetime - but if it wasn't any of these which made Courtney's trip incredible, it was an extra special cast member... 

Seven things you didn't know about Lilo and Stitch

Happy birthday, Lilo and Stitch! Can you believe that this animated film turns fourteen today? I still think of it as a pretty recent Disney film, forgetting there are kids in high school who literally weren't born when it was released! Before I start to freak out about how quickly time flies, here are seven things you didn't know about the film.

Feel Good Friday #39

Grannies are unsung heroes - whether they're sneaking us sweeties, or taking our side when we've had a fight with our parents, you can bet your granny will have your back. 

They're also pretty blimming cute. You know, when you're trying to explain GIFs or they want to watch a video on The Youtube.

May Ashworth is one cute granny. When her grandson, Ben John from Wigan, spotted a Google search on her open laptop, he couldn't resist sharing a photo...

Favourite vegetarian and vegan food in Glasgow

As today is World Meat Free Day, I’m sharing a round-up of my favourite places to go for vegetarian and vegan friendly food in Glasgow. I've eaten in all of these places with meat-eating friends and everyone has went home full and happy, so don't be put off if you're not a vegetarian or vegan - I guarantee these menus will tickle even the most carnivorous of taste buds!


Feel Good Friday #38

When Hollie Breaux Mallet watched back security footage from her yard, she didn't expect to see a little boy sneaking into her garage to cuddle her dog every time he rode past on his bike. Nervous about being caught on someone else's property, the boy would give her dog, Duchess, a quick squeeze before sprinting back to his bike. 

Dean Village

It sometimes takes a blast of sunshine to remind me how lucky I am to live in Scotland. We've had a wave of beautiful weather here recently so when the bank holiday arrived and the sun was shining, I decided to make the most of it by heading east to finally explore Dean Village. I've seen snapshots of this beautiful area of Edinburgh pop up online over and over, but - despite being only a fifteen minute walk from Princes Street - I'd never visited before. But, if ever there's an ideal opportunity to take a day trip, it's a sunny bank holiday...

Vegan rice crispy treats

Who says vegan food has to be healthy all of the time? I spotted these vegan rice crispy treats on Jenne's Instagram and knew I had to whip up a batch at home. With almond butter replacing the chocolate and butter, these feel like a 'grown-up version' of  the rice crispy cakes I made for tuck shops as a kid - although a generous helping of maple syrup guarantees they still satisfy my sweet tooth!

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