Best vegan junk food in Glasgow

Close your eyes and imagine vegan food. What do you imagine? Salad? Avocado on toast? A bunch of bananas?

A quick Google search of ‘vegan food’ will flood your screen with brightly coloured fruit and vegetables – which, if they’re following a well-planned plant-based diet, is probably a hefty proportion of what most vegans do eat – but what about those days when you just think, sod it, I want a slice of cake. And a chocolate bar. And a doughnut.

To help celebrate International Vegan Junk Food Day, I thought I would jot down a quick list of the best places in Glasgow to find vegan junk food. Whether you’re vegan or not, prepare to have your sweet tooth tickled. 

Feel Good Friday #44

Kitsap Humane Society is a charity in Washington which finds home for homeless pets. With a 'no one size fits all' approach to animal rescue, Kitsap Humane Society approaches adoption creatively, searching for new ways to raise awareness of the animals in their care who are desperately seeking their forever homes.

One of those ways is by taking their dogs for 'Puppuccinos'.

Mono vegan cafe and bar

If you read my favourite vegetarian and vegan food in Glasgow post you'll know Glasgow is bursting at the seams with fantastic restaurants for vegetarians and vegans - so much so that I couldn't fit them all into one post (not even close)!

In fact, one place I couldn't squeeze in was Mono, a vegan cafe and bar, despite it usually being one of the first places Glaswegians recommend when they have a vegetarian or vegan friend visiting the city. If you sneak a peek at their menu, you'll understand why they come so highly recommended.

I hadn't visited since their new menu launched, but - after seeing so many mouth-watering photos pop up on my Instagram feed - I knew I had to get myself along to try out the new dishes.

Feel Good Friday #43

Owen Lima has a brain injury that can make it difficult to understand people, especially if they speak quickly, which means he can get frustrated and suffer from anxiety attacks.  Blue, his faithful service dog, is his constant companion to help calm him down and reduce anxiety.

Despite Blue being essential for Owen to lead a happy life, his presence has made it difficult for Owen to find a job, with most employers not willing to welcome a dog into their workplace. When Owen went for a job interview with home improvement store, Lowe’s, recently, he expected the same negative response. ‘It’s so hard to find a job where people can accept me for the way I am and the fact I have a service dog with me’, Owen tearfully told staff. 

Spicy bean soup with guacamole

I really ruddy love Mexican food - the beans, tomatoes, chilli peppers, spice, salsa, avocados, I could eat it every night of the week. That means I'm always looking for new recipes to bring more Mexican flavours into my kitchen, especially if they're packed with beans for plenty of veggie-friendly protein. 

This quick spicy bean soup is perfect for an easy midweek dinner, but you can add a dollop of guacamole, twist of black pepper and handful of tortilla chips to dress it up for the weekend (served with frozen margaritas, of course).

Feel Good Friday #42

Back in 2008, Jaquie dived into a swimming pool and broke her neck. She sustained a spinal cord injury that instantly paralysed her from the neck down, and, after surgery, doctors told her there was no chance she'd ever walk again. 

Earlier this summer Jaquie walked down the aisle to marry the love of her life, Andy.

Peek inside The Vegan Kind subscription box

As any vegan will tell you, it's really not that difficult to eat a vegan diet. Some people will ask you, either wide-eyed or cynically, 'What do you eat?!' and - if you're anything like me - you'll stress that you love food, you eat a lot of different food and you have the Instagram feed to prove it

That isn't to say it doesn't take a bit of time and effort. For instance, if you want to grab a sandwich on your lunch hour or stock up on sweets before the cinema, that supermarket refrigerator cabinet or corner shop confectionery stand will have suddenly gotten a lot smaller. While this will get easier (especially if you dedicate time to inspecting ingredient lists and reading every 'accidentally vegan' list you can find), a little helping hand to find new and exciting vegan food is always welcome.

And that's where The Vegan Kind come in.

Thank you teacher gifts

Do you or any of your friends or family teach? After a tough year of studying, school placements and late nights of paperwork and marking, my boyfriend, Sam, qualified as an English teacher earlier this summer. Despite it being a long year, it still doesn't feel real - when people ask what my boyfriend does, it's going to take a while to get used to saying 'he's a teacher'.

This may have something to do with the fact I can't quite believe we're grown up enough that one of us is about to be responsible for classrooms full of children!

While half of me might believe we're still the twenty year olds who met in the student union nearly seven (!) years ago, the other half has accepted and actually thinks it's pretty - shout it from the roof bar, pop the champagne! - amazing that Sam has survived a gruelling year of teacher training and is about to embark on an exciting new adventure.

Feel Good Friday #41

When extreme marathon runner Dion Leonard spotted a stray dog at the runner's camp for the Gobi Desert March race he didn't pay much attention to her. As one of 101 people attempting to tackle the six day foot race weaving through China's largest desert, Dion had more pressing concerns than the little dog he assumed the runners would leave behind at the start line.

But as she gazed up at him from the start line of day two - after already defeating the 22 mile distance from day one - Dion had to consider that he'd found himself a running partner.

Seamore's I Sea Pasta

When Willem Sodderland was on holiday in Ibiza he ordered a 'seaweed salad' in a restaurant, but when it arrived he couldn't find the seaweed. He wasn't convinced when his wife suggested that the green tagliatelle on his plate might be it, and the chef had to convince him that the 'pasta' was actually seaweed.

In that moment an idea was born: what if we could start eating seaweed like pasta?

Back home in the Netherlands, he sourced this unique species of seaweed, Himanthalia Elongata, and ordered a few boxes at a hefty price. After his kids devoured their plates of Bolognese, without suspecting anything about their 'spinach pasta', the company Seamore and product I Sea Pasta were born. 

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