Vegan afternoon tea at Hidden Lane Tearoom

Sugary cupcakes piled high with buttercream icing. 

Warm scones topped with lashings of butter and strawberry jam. 

Chocolate eclairs bursting with whipped cream.

Afternoon tea is delicious but unfortunately not usually vegan friendly. 

Which is silly really because - as anyone who has ever been to a vegan fair will tell you - vegans really love their cake. 

While it's easy to serve up vegan alternatives at home, it's just not the same as going out to a tearoom for an indulgent afternoon. So, after sadly assuming my days of scoffing scones and sipping tea from mismatched crockery were over, thank heavens for discovering the vegan afternoon tea at The Hidden Lane Tearoom.

The Hidden Lane Tearoom is tucked down the Hidden Lane off Argyle Street in Finnieston. As the name implies, it really is well hidden - so keep your eyes carefully peeled for the sign otherwise you're likely to walk right past it. The lane leads to a colourful courtyard which is home to the tearoom, various independent shops, design and craft studios, an art gallery, record shop, yoga studio and even a nail salon! Perfect for an afternoon off the beaten track and away from the frantic crowds of Glasgow's more well known shopping streets. 

We opted for the luxury afternoon tea, which is made up of a selection of finger sandwiches and mini cakes, a scone with cream and jam and unlimited tea or coffee. 

As someone who has never liked the token 'cheese and egg mayonnaise' sandwiches served up to vegetarians, I was impressed by the imaginative vegan sandwiches on offer: three different finger sandwiches of hummus and vegetables, curried chickpeas, avocado and chopped chillies, alongside a falafel and chilli vegetable wrap. These were all delicious but my favourite was the avocado and chopped chillies - such a simple but mouth watering sandwich filler idea!

After the sandwiches were polished off, we moved on to the scones. Warm, 'buttery', topped with embarrassingly large dollops of strawberry jam, the scone is, in my humble opinion, one of the best parts of an afternoon tea. I definitely could have eaten another one! Well, considering how much there still was left to eat, I actually probably couldn't, but I would have given it a good shot! I don't think I've ever eaten a vegan scone before but I honestly couldn't tell the difference between it and a 'regular' scone.

Then it was time for the cakes.

*rubs hands together gleefully*

Soft cream cake, rich chocolate cheesecake, orange and raspberry loaf, almond and blackcurrant jam mini bites and walnut and brown sugar loaf - there was so much to try! I'm a huge fan of buttercream icing so I assumed I'd like the chocolate cheesecake best, but - even though the cheesecake was delicious - my favourite turned out to be the walnut and brown sugar loaf. It was rich, dark and nutty - if they'd had them for sale I would have bought a full loaf to take away. I honestly couldn't choose between the rest - such a delicious selection of different flavours, they were all equally delicious. As I said, vegans love their cake - and you can tell by how delicious these all were!

If you live in or near Glasgow then I highly recommend popping in to The Hidden Lane Tearoom soon. For anyone considering visiting the city, add this vegan afternoon tea to your 'to eat' list (I can't be the only one who considers delicious new food as one of the most important parts of any trip)! As well as incredible food, the tearoom itself is adorable and the staff are really friendly. 

The luxury afternoon tea is priced at £15 per person. This is only £3 more than the traditional afternoon tea and worth every penny for that extra sandwich, cake and endless pots of tea (which means you can try different types).

Whether you want to treat someone, or just treat yourself, then there's not many better ways than with an indulgent afternoon of tea and cake - especially when it's vegan friendly!

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