Vegan options at Wagamama

Last Saturday I took a hop, skip and a jump over to Wagamama at Glasgow Fort with a rumbling belly and craving for Asian food. I hadn't been to Wagamama in yonks - in fact, I hadn't been since I started eating vegan - so I was really excited to try out their vegan options.

If you've never eaten at Wagamama before, just to give you a quick guide: with fresh dishes made onsite in the open kitchen (so you can watch the chefs do that impressive flippy thing with the pan and all the flames) your food comes as soon as it's ready. That means you order sides and mains, instead of starters, which you just eat in whatever order they arrive at your table. With everything made fresh, you have the option to tweak your dish from what's listed on the menu: ask for fewer chillies in your teppanyaki, pick a sauce from another curry or add noodles to your salad - the world is your oyster (or tofu, as we're talking vegan food)!

We ordered a couple of mains and a few different sides to try, so in the end our table was busy with plates, bowls and a whole lot of food...

We decided to start with a fresh fruit each - I opted for the positive juice while Sam had the blueberry spice juice. The positive juice is made from blended pineapple, lime, spinach, cucumber and apple and is so fresh and light that it reminded me of a mojito - which is probably why I guzzled it all without remembering to take a photo! The blueberry spice juice is blueberry, apple and carrot with a pinch of ginger, which Sam really enjoyed (but he did keep sipping mine too...).

For sides we choose the steamed edamame beans with chilli garlic salt, wok-fried tender stem broccoli and bok choi in a garlic and soy sauce, and steamed vegetable dumplings. The flavours of the chilli garlic salt worked perfectly with the edamame beans and honestly I could have eaten another bowl - it's such a simple way to liven up edamame beans so I'll definitely be trying to make these at home. I know wok-fried greens don't sound particularly exciting but the snap of the crunchy broccoli and the soft bok choi worked really well together and the garlic and soy sauce was the perfect accompaniment - if you struggle to eat your greens, frying and drizzling them in soy sauce will definitely help! The vegetable dumplings were definitely my favourite side though - soft and moreish, these were far too easy to eat.

By the way, don't forget that you can tweak your dishes - while the dipping sauce which comes with the dumplings had a lovely mild balsamic flavour, our waitress also gave us the spicy gyoza dipping sauce to try, which I actually ended up preferring.

For mains I ordered the firecracker curry with tofu and Sam went for the tofu and vegetable ramen. The firecracker curry is fiery mix of tofu, mangetout, red and green peppers, onions and red chillies. served with steamed rice, sesame seeds, shichimi and fresh lime. Disclaimer: this is hot. As in, 'you'll definitely want another glass of water hot'. The heat didn't overpower the rest of the flavours though, which were so fresh and zingy. If you're not great with hot food but fancy the sound of the other ingredients, then you can ask for fewer chillies in your curry. In case you've not tried it before, ramen is a hearty bowl of hot broth filled with fresh noodles and toppings (e.g. meat, tofu, vegetables, etc.). Wagamama's vegetable ramen is a light vegetable broth packed with crispy fried silken tofu and mixed vegetables. With chilli added to the vegetable broth, the ramen had an extra kick and was lovely and warming. I should add that the bowl was so huge that Sam couldn't even manage it all (which has never happened before, ever).

When we were offered the dessert menu I honestly don't think we could have eaten another bite. If you do have room for something sweet, you can choose from a variety of fruit ice lollies - while they do look tasty (and sound perfect for when Scotland finally warms up a little!) this is definitely the most limited area of the menu for vegan food. I'm living for the day when they make the amazing coconut reika vegan - although I'll need to learn how not to gorge myself on so many sides before then!

While we ordered a lot of different things, there's still plenty left to try (and even more if you tweak the meat dishes and ask for tofu or more vegetables instead). I think I'll go for the yasai katsu curry next, and the bang bang cauliflower is calling my name...

(Perhaps we should just forget about what I said earlier about not gorging on sides).

* Wagamama kindly invited me to try the vegan options at their Glasgow Fort restaurant, but, as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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